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I have over 25 years of experience as a Beauty Consultant-Instructor and I use Youtube as my classroom. Please visit and join my Skincare Focus Facebook Group at bit.ly/skinresults.

I also have another Youtube channel, bit.ly/kidsstorytime. I read aloud in my (native Language English) Internationally ONLINE WITH YOUTUBE. Different Stories for children ages 1-7. Adventure Stories, Bedtime Stories, Morals Stories, and also the Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, Animals Stories! Improving literacy skills is the goal of Kids Storytime Online channel. Children’s books read aloud in a video format is a great way to help kids to be more interested in reading children’s stories. By exposing children to books read aloud, we hope to spark in interest in them to read along with us. As they read along with us, they will begin to enjoy reading aloud and using their creative imaginations to bring these stories to life in their own minds. These kids books are a great way to spend quiet time during the day, or as a way to relax in the evening by listening to these as bedtime stories. Whatever the reason, if you need more personalized attention for your child, I will TUTOR them. I can also personalize Birthday Stories & Books! Contact me!

Email: ladynevah2@gmail.com
Skype: Lady Nevaeh 
DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/ladynevaeh

Nevaeh Hedge


Nevaeh Hedge has been the overseeing Beauty Consultant-Instructor at Nevaehs Skincare for over 25 years. She's a fierce proponent of women's beauty and has dedicated herself to not only helping women but also educating them about the issues affecting their quality of life. Nevaeh is personally involved in the training and development of all the cosmetologists at Nevaeh's Skincare to ensure that every women received the highest level of care and beauty in the industry. She is also a talk show host. She gives talks and asks for guests to be on her Talk Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/ladynevaeh.